Vision & mission

The scouting and guiding movement aims to contribute to the development of children and young people by helping them develop their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual opportunities as individuals, as responsible citizens and members of local, national and international communities. The movement gives all children and young people the means to change the world positively.

The values ​​of scouts and guides are expressed in the Law and the Promise. This includes trust, service, brotherhood, respect for oneself, others and nature, responsibility, commitment, justice, openness, co-management, solidarity and personal spiritual development (religiously or otherwise).

Scouts and guides use the methodology of non-formal learning. Here self-development is central. This is done through the following elements: a parenting relationship through the presence of young adults, experiential learning, learning in the open, responsibility through the use of small peer groups, a personal growth and progression system about the values ​​and a symbolic framework.

With our common goal and our common values, methodology and history, we are part of the same movement, the same family.

Without denying our differences (of gender, opinion and language) and past, we want to emphasize our common points, the strength and benefits of cooperation, rather than differences. Together we are stronger.

We believe that a worldwide brotherhood begins with the nearest neighbors. As the largest youth movement in the country, we are proud to show that it is possible to work together across the linguistic borders.

In view of the tradition within our country, we consider democratic principles to be of paramount importance. Within our federation we attach great importance to conducting an open debate, seeking a compromise and / or consensus, taking decisions through democratic means, respecting minorities, consciously choosing temporary mandates, etc.

This cooperation presupposes the search for common points of view and the approach of joint actions, all with respect for the individuality and autonomy of each association.

We achieve this vision by:

  • Organize exchange between the different associations
  • Joint projects
  • Develop and implement an international policy
  • Reactive positions to be taken at national level